Press Release

News Flash – The Last Show

WOW!!!! What a journey…

The girls from The Greatest Show on Earth have decided to close the curtain on another chapter in their stellar careers.

But no need to fear, as both have individual exciting new chapters in their future appearances.

Both are still very excited and passionate about events, however want to peruse different styles of events, which has bought about this exciting new change.

Lauren and TJ would like to thank you for your support, trust, fun and friendship – and remember the show must go on, just a little bit different!

Should you wish to contact either of them they would be delighted to hear from you;

Lauren Robertson 0417 333 960

TJ Carroll 0419 777 247

The girls will be in touch in due course to let you know of their next big adventures.

For all Account Receivable and Payable please contact Dora at